Friday, December 28, 2007

welcome 2 star city!! :))

this day is totally fun!!
let me tell you what happened.. :))

december 27 at around 9 pm:
we [cin nd i] talked about our most awaited monthsaries nd how to celebrate it..
we, as girls, came up with the decision to go out with our bfs.. [you know that thing already..kinda date..that's how it is..]
she told me to ask christian if he's available on sunday so that we can go together at star city on the day of our monthsary, exactly. [december 30]
i certainly followed and agreed upon her suggestion..[that makes me excited..though..not that sure..]

when christian texted me late that night..[yeah..i'm still that time..]
he told me that he's not available on that particular day because his cousins are coming over..
sadly, i told him that we will be meeting again on january 3, the resuming of classes.. :((

we didn't want that to happen..
he asked me if i'm free tomorrow..[december 28]
or if we can't make it that day..we'll make it at december 29..but certainly not 30..[sigh]

i told cindy bout it..
i also told her that maybe we'll meet tomorrow..[december 28]

with a smiley, she told me that they'll also be going out tomorrow nd it made me more excited!!
so, we talked about the meeting what time..nd the sort..

we came up that we'll be going to moa nd we'll be meeting at jollibee rotonda at around 8-9 am..

the next day..

chris arrived first nd immediately texted me that he's there already..
cindy, who came up next, also informed me that they're already there..
the third one who came was me..
nd as usual..the last one was christian..[he's from angono..that's why he's always late..]

we're complete!!
i don't know why..but, even we already had a plan last night..
we still kept on asking each other where to go nd what to ride in going there..
but, we still sticked on the first plan..

we went to moa..

we rode a cab going there, with us four on the back seat..
it took us almost an hour sitting right next to each other..
so, it made us fall asleep [cin nd i] right next to the boys..hehe..while hugging us..

we then arrived at moa..
chris nd christian payed our fare..[they divided it into two..nd they let the driver keep the change..]
we walked nd walked..
we decided where to go..but we always said kahit saan!!
where in the world can we find a place like that one??

chris invited us to eat at yellow cab as a sort of christmas gift to us..
we all went in nd cin chose the hawaiian pizza nd chris ordered it..
we sat at the furthest chair from the crowd..[maybe we don't want to be disturbed..haha..]
after eating..there was some more pizza left nd we took it out leaving it to christian..[because that's his part..]
we stroll around the mall..that was definitely big..
we looked for the latest movies..we want foreign movies..yey!!
but, since the latest are mostly locals..we didn't wasted our money for such..

then, we decided to go to star city!!

nd then..the fun begins.. :))

we went there through a cab..
when we arrived, there were so many people waiting for the tickets to be released..
we arrived there almost an hour before tickets are to be released..
we patiently lined up with other people and talked about what we're going to do inside..

1 pm:
when the tickets were released, we entered the park fast..
we were all kinda nervous when they inspected our bags because there was the pizza we took out from yellow cab!!
fortunately, it was not noticed..haha..

we first rode the bump cars..hehe..
unfortunately..i was bumped two times in my seat!!

we then went inside that scary place..hehe..[can't remember the name eh..]
at first, i was so afraid i that i couldn't force myself to go inside..
i decided to go in since the three of them were already inside and the staffs were saying that it wasn't scary at all..[well, for them..'cause they're the staff..weew..]
i hugged christian very tight because i don't want to see what's happening and the creepy sounds that i heard at that moment made me feel so suffocated..[it's just that..i can't breathe..don't know if i can survive the whole trip..]
it's good that i have christian right next to me or else..[sigh]..

next, we went to snow world!!
the one that we've been waiting for..
just as we went in..we felt the coldness wrapping our bodies with thick jackets..
when we reached the entrance, christian hugged me very tight..haha..that's fun..
we couldn't touch the snow and play with it anymore..because it was definitely cold..

after that, we went outside the park..
we rode into the ferris and christian..cindy and chris..[partners for life..yeah!!]
when we stopped at the top, christian moved it and i couln't barely move because i'm slightly afraid to heights..
he then apologized to me and held my hand tight..[like he never wanted me to let go..]

next, we decided to ride at the surf dance!! i thought..i can manage to ride on it..
that's what i thought..
it's like the flying carpet..but worst than that..
most embarrassing ever!! i've been telling christian so many stupid things at that very moment of my life..
just when i never wanted to hold on..
christian told me to do so..
or else, i'll die..

after that scary experience, another challenge came in to me..
it made me reminisce some funny things when i was still in grade 6, in our field trip there..
we next rode in the wild river!!
christian sat in front of as to protect me..according to him..[ sweet..]
i shouted each time we went down that fucking river..grr..
i don't like the feeling when i ride that one..
it's only the fact that i have christian with me that makes the experience fun and enjoyable at that time..

after that breathtaking adventure, we went inside again and went in the
time tunnel..
a sort of storytelling..of events that happened in the a form of rest..hehe..

after that, we rode again the ferris wheel all together and took pics up there..hehe..
it was really really fun doing that sort of thing..

next, we girls, went in the toilet for a pee..
but, we couldn't help to take pics..that's why we took some..haha..
we even took a stolen shot out of those two crazy boys having their moments at the steps..haha!!

last, but definitely not the least..we rode in
the little mermaid..
they even teased me because of "
mermaid"..haha..some of my close friends already knew about it..
we spend the time left by sharing experiences the whole day at the park..

after that, we decided to go home because it's already 4 pm..hehe..
we rode a cab again from there..

it doesn't matter how tired we were..
it doesn't matter how much money we've spend..
it's the bonding..the SPEXAL BONDING..that was formed out of us..four..that really matter a lot!!

"it's the bond that counts.. =D"

i would like to thank:
cindy a. bucayan..for her company..for her time..for the crazy pics we took..haha..for all..
christopher "tupe" maramis..for treating us at yellow cab..for planning to go to moa and star city..

and, of course..

jhun christian rayala formento..for all that he has done only to make me feel protected, enjoyed, and loved..for patiently talked with me when i'm in a bad trip mode..for his time, effort, and money..FOR ALL..

i truly love this experience..
especially with the company of those three above..

what a wonderful day..
hope it'll happen again.. =D